By: Arrabella Gochuico

Don’t Stop Yourself From Being You!

This book is about the power of believing in yourself and reaching for your dreams no matter what!

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Never Give Up!

I wanted to share this story with my readers because it shares a positive message and I want people to belive in themselves! You can be anything you want if you put your mind to it. Everyone is different and that is what makes this work a special place!

BUY BOOK NOW – $7.99


Meet Arrabella Gochuico

Arrabella Gochuico is a 7 year old author and illustrator. Originally from the Philippines, she and her family migrated to the US when she was 10 months old. Dancing has always been her favorite past time.


Every summer she goes to dance and ballet classes. She loves to perform and wishes to be part of the performing arts some day!

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    Recent Book Reviews

    Hear from some of the recent people who have read Arrabella’s most recent book!

    “Fred Voss’ writing hooked me from the first page. As I read My House Was Not a Home, my heart went out to him. The vignettes just captivated me, some made me cry , some had me laughing hysterically. My heart went out to him for all the things he went through. I have had the opportunity to read other short stories this author has written, and the conversational level at which he writes makes the reader want to keep reading. His writing grabs me at the first page and I just have to see what happens next. I hope he never stops writing. “

    Kimberly Graham - Hornell, New York

    “I loved Fred Voss’ book “My House Was Not a Home.” Fred has a way of setting up the story line and instantly making me feel like I was there, watching the interactions of his characters. For example, in the chapter titled “Getting Even for My Sins” the storytelling at the barbershop was just hilarious. I could picture the way the barbershop looked, the men sitting around and talking, and Fred trying to be one of the men. His ability to spin the tale made it interesting and pleasurable, and the whole book tends to read this way. Whether Fred was telling something incredibly sad, poignant, or exciting, the accents, the characters, leap out at you as easily as when you turn on an old Andy Griffith show and immediately know what’s going on. This book is just a great read.”

    Heidi Robinson, Ph.D. - Head Librarian

    “Fred Voss’ “My House Was Not a Home” is a gem. The memoir contains 38 well written short stories that depict his life on a dairy farm in Northern California while dealing with an abusive grandmother. However, the book is not about abuse, but rather is a tribute to those people who help him avoid it. His characters are memorable: who could forget the great storytellers Reg Keetering and Darrel (pronounced Duryl) Campbell, the trickster Clyde Redman, and the bully Stanley Bater. Close to Voss’ heart were the many dogs that wandered from the highway to the family’s door. They were fed and loved and, sadly, many were lost on the road from which they came. The author does a grand job of describing his exploits with his canine pals, some of which were as memorable as the humans. King was one that comes to mind, as does Rufus, and Susie. And who could forget Edgar, who was killed for spotting a cattle rustler. One story in particular, Matches Made on Earth, is quite unforgettable. “My House Was Not a Home” is a delightful collection of stories that will bring hours of enjoyment to readers of all ages.”

    Al Bruce - Columnist, The Evening Tribune

    “I appreciated the opportunity to read Fred Voss’ book, My House Was Not a Home. I admired his tenacity, determination, and strong will he displayed in overcoming his childhood hardships. I really enjoyed his writing, particularly the way he chose to describe the people who helped him through his tender years. The author has written a book that will please readers of all ages. I truly had a hard time putting it down.”

    Carla Barlow - Bountiful, Utah