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Meet the Author

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Meet Frederic Voss

As far back as I can remember I wanted to write books. I just never got around to it. When the urge really struck me, I couldn’t think of what to write about. Somebody said to “write about what you know.” But what did I know enough about to be able to write about it? Then someone else said to “write about yourself.” Frankly, I didn’t think I’d make an interesting enough subject to fill a whole book. But it got me thinking about it.

At some point about 30 or so years ago I began writing stories about some of the people I remembered growing up around. The more I wrote the more I found there was to write. I had written several stories and thought a Pulitzer was surely on the horizon, but then up popped a fly in the ointment. Life intervened. School. Work. Then kids and all the things parents choose to do to entertain them. So, writing stories had to wait. After awhile, I pretty much forgot about writing. Some time later, while rummaging through a box of stuff that was very nearly tossed in the trash, I came across the stories I had written some years before. Realizing that if I was ever going to finish writing my book, I’d better get busy. It took about a year to finish.

The book consists of 38 stories. Breaking the anecdotes into stories seemed less daunting than scribing a long narrative.

I hope you enjoy reading my memoir as much as I enjoyed writing it – most days anyway.

Fred Voss